Our Estimating Service has been designed with Builders and the Trade in mind.


CC Estimating & Drawing are coming to the rescue with our new estimating service. We’ll provide expert quotes that win you new business, so you can get on with the work!


The CC Estimating & Drawing service is fast and friendly, and guarantees a quick turnaround on quotes.


Included within the quotation pack:


You’ll recieve a customer quote as a Word file, including your mark-up, which you can easily edit before showing your client. You’ll also recive full cost breakdowns & materials schedules as Excel files, plus a suggested build program gantt chart. We can lend a helping hand with extensions, new builds, garages and loft conversion projects.


What can we do for you?


We can incorporate your building material rates.

We can incorporate your labour rates.

We can include extra details about your project specification.

Tell us your typical mark-up, and we will build this into your quote.


To find out how much our fee would be for your project, please email us a copy of your working plans.

Let us take away those late nights in the office....