Why Do I Need Housing Warranty Insurance?


For one, Structural Defects Insurance (some call it Housing Warranty Insurance, others refer to it as Latent Defects Insurance) will protect you against costly failures in design, construction, and materials. Also remedial work, the costs of dismantling, moving and storing, plus professional fees.


Important stuff. Expensive stuff. Stuff that should a worst case scenario materialise, easily jeopardise your investment.

Don’t take chances. Do talk to us. 

What value is peace of mind? Isn’t a project stressful enough even without the threat of unforeseen trouble?

Call us today and we’ll explain everything you need to know about Structural Defects Insurance.

Here’s the second and equally important point. If you are planning to sell your new build within 10 years of construction, then any prospective purchaser needing to borrow against the property will want to see SDI in place. Lenders simply won’t lend without it.